Our name Valere means to empower.

Our goal is to bring our ground-breaking product into as many schools as possible so millions of children can be empowered to have a better chance at living a socially connected life.

Common Media‚Äč, Information Technology (IT)

Common Media has been in existence for over ten years and is a leading provider of web development and IT consulting services. Kula Ed is developed in Drupal which is one of the foremost Content Management System tools in the industry today. Drupal is one of Common Media's core competencies. Some of Common Media's past and current clients include the Kaman Corporation, MIT, TUFTS, and Yale along with numerous other startup companies like Valere, Inc. Common Media has a diverse skill set internally and also has strategic partnerships with other providers to bring to the table a complete portfolio of services that Valere, Inc. requires to develop Kula Ed.

"I feel like the words have been taken out of my mouth. I also do a Sunday night email and photo to share and prompt communication. I am always asking for at least one thing to be shared each day in my child's notebook, so I can talk to my child at dinner time. It has been an ongoing struggle."
Mom of 5th Grader